Pepper painted a scaled model display boat.  The boat is 7 foot long.
Prepped, primed, painted, and airbrushed the windows, seals, hatch and vents.
Unique Custom Home Furnishings
custom paint and finishwork
Custom model boat work is in collaboration with Vic @ Wetworkz
Airbrush, South Florida
Airbrush Ft Lauderdale
Airbrush artist, Florida
custom paint & airbrush south florida
custom paint & airbrush Florida
Air Born Concepts
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Custom table, Hollywood
Custom table, Hollywood
custom sculpture paint & airbrush, Florida
custom sculpture paint & airbrush, Florida
"The Guardian"
Bronze sculpture by Jami Nix Rahn
Airbrushed by Pepper
Custom painted bronze sculpture Ft Lauderdale
Custom painted bronze sculpture South Florida
Custom home furnishings, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Table custom built by
Joe Wick
Custom airbrush art mini bar
Custom Metal Mini bar
Indonesian Solid Teak table
Handcrafted by Metis

Repair, Fiberglass, Resurfaced,
Purple basecoat and clearcoat by
Customized vases, Ft Lauderdale